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SMARTER travels with Relax ALLY®

Easy To Use

Once You Get It, You’ll Love It


Fasten the Restband™ strap to the seat. Depending on the seat type use one of the bellow presented fastening options.


Slip your head inside the Restband™ and adjust according to your head size by using the velcro straps. Find the best position and rest angle for your comfort by moving your head inside the Restband™.


Bring the Restband™ sleeping mask down to exclude disturbing light, relax your muscles, and let yourself fall into a relaxing sleep.

Works for 90% of seats

No need to cover the screen behind

The Relax ALLY® Travel Restband™ has been designed to work for most seat types. In fact, most long haul seats have also a front headrest pillow to attach to which the Relax ALLY can be attached easily without the need to disturb the person sitting behind at all.

Safety release, detaches with a pull

Safety first!

The Relax ALLY® Travel Restband™ has been designed with safety first in mind. The Restband™ incorporates safety locks which detaches from the fastening strap with a pull, thus ensuring head release from the seat e.g. in case of an accident.
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3in1 for Quality Sleep

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Professional Evaluations

The Relax ALLY® Travel Restband™ has been evaluated and endorsed by wellness specialists that state the preventive health care benefits. Avoid stiffness and pain!

Relax ALLY - Dr.Cacinda testimonial

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Relax ALLY® Travel Restband™ user reviews and experiences

It’s a really really smart product. Used it few times while traveling and it really really helps. Awesome gadget!
Sebastian Canaves, Main contributor, Off The Path travel blog, http://www.off-the-path.com/
It really increases the comfort of your travel by 50%!
Nelson, Contributor to Mochileros travel blog, http://mochileros.org/nelson/
The most amazing travel product ever! At last you will be able to sleep uninterrupted without a sore neck upon arrival.
Dr. Cacinda Maloney, Chiropractor and Travel blogger, Points and Travel, http://www.pointsandtravel.com/
Ho scoperto un nuovo feticcio per il mio zaino.
Francesca di Pietro, Phycologist and Travel blogger, http://www.viaggiaredasoli.net
Es ist magisch… Das Band hält den Kopf in einer bestimmten Position und man kann endlich ausspannen und schlafen…
Sebastian Canaves, Main contributor, Off The Path travel blog, http://www.off-the-path.com/
Relax Ally yllätti täydellisesti. Miamin loma oli upea heti ensimmäisestä aamusta alkaen – poissa olivat väsymys ja niskasäryt. Suosittelen.
Tuuli Drechsler Toimitusjohtaja, AD Mainostoimisto Stadio Oy
The next thing I knew I had slept a couple of hours, and my neck was not hurting! Relax ALLY restband really made my trip! Yes, this is a real improvement! (My spouse feels exactly the same)
Pekka Palin, Project Manager, Investment banker, Management consultant and Serial entrepreneur
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Design & Functionality

Stylish, even for a gift.

Safety 100%
Wellness 98%
Comfort 95%
Multifunctionality 92%

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